The studio

Who are we?

Over a few decades, the agency has become a leading figure in Europe and Asia.

Joly Design is a design agency specialised in furnishings. Founded in 1981 by Sylvain Joly, they made furniture their field of expertise.

Over a few decades, the agency has become a leading figure in Europe and Asia with over 12,000 models designed for the biggest manufacturers in the worlds.

Ekornes, Kuka, Hima, Château d’Ax, Kler Mobilier de France (…) are some of the big international brands that work with them and appreciate their expertise.

With minimalist design, often avant-garde, which is underpinned by a perfect understanding of manufacturing constraints.

Our philosophy

Each project is the story of a meeting of two groups.

Joly Design has the goal of creating attractive models, in the fashion of a craftsperson who, from design to prototype creation, would work with their customers to realise their projects. The objective? Enhance brands’ identity whilst offering consumers the best products.

Each project is the story of a meeting of two groups. Designing a piece of furniture is wrought through the continuity of rich dialogue with customer and, within the agency, between the designers and the marketing team.

Throughout the creative process, healthy competition is a driving force. Designers work on each project with their own sensibilities, experience and personality. Their creations are a touch of their soul, the essence of French elegance and way of life, which is distinguished by the dialogue between lightness of spaces and bold shapes.

Our services range from design to consulting on product development strategy

Beyond creating furniture, the agency is capable of providing customers with global strategy advice for product development.

The design of each product is anchored in a solid understanding of the market and trends that enable the end customer’s voice to be brought into the very centre of the project. This is complemented by recommendations suited to the position and strategy of each brand. Joly Design therefore accompanies its manufacturer, publisher and distributor partners by listening, with each side bringing knowledge to the table.

The team

The Joly Design team brings together six members with varied experience and complementary skills that blossoms through exchange and discussion of ideas.

With its rich variety of expertise, from which it draws ideas with passion and stringency, the team proudly carries the flame of the agency’s founder. Connected to its creative liberty, the team roots itself in modernity with curiosity.